Orders on Hold for now

Hi there StickyTwitters,


We have taken the ordering facility off the site for now as we are in discussions with possible new partners and opportunities. We hope to be back soon.


Rest assured all orders that have been ordered (or won - Gearfuse people) will be processed this week and delivered pronto.


Back soon, with more info.

StickyTwit Team


Welcome to StickyTwits...

Sticky Twits was born out of a few Twitter nuts who wanted to post their Twitter URL offline as well as online.
So a designer, a signage guy (with a really cool hi res digital printer) and a marketing guru made some stickers with their Twitter URLs and stuck them on their cars, computers, office windows, wives, children, and thought, why keep all this sticker fun to ourselves.

You too can now have your very own Twitter stickers!


  • HI QUALITY VINYL STICKERS.  None of that paper rubbish, show your StickyTwit with pride, we use professional grade vinyl stickers perfect for cars, windows, metal and plastic applications.
  • WE SELL ALL ACROSS THE GLOBE.  Once your order is processed securely on-line, we print, package and post your stickers straight to you (we know you want them as quickly as possible so our goal is to get them to you within 7 days across Australia and 14 days across the globe.
  • GET STUCK ON TWITTER.  This "Twitter app" is encouraging the use of Twitter and we hope that these stickers help you build your follow base. Hand them out to your friends, family, colleagues! Hand them out at the pub, the football, you get the idea!

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What do you get in a Sticky Twit Sticker Pack?

Click here to view our 4 Colour Schemes, then go to our order page to buy.

* Postage and packaging within Australia $3.50, outside Australia $5.50



Enhance your website promotion and advertise on your car. 

Think about it, car stickers make sense.

You're out there on the road anyway; you’ve got to be, right?  It costs you time and money every time you drive your car. Why not get a return on those costs by advertising your business Twitter account with a clear, bright and highly visible sticker?

StickyTwits are so easy to use, all you have to do is clean your window, apply and drive.

When was the last time you DIDN'T read a bumper sticker or decal on the car in front of you?  Put twitter account in front of other drivers every single day for a cost you pay only once.  Now wehn they see your car in the real world, they can follow you in the digital world, too.

Even when parked, you're advertising your business.


Use Laptop Stickers As Your New Marketing Tool

Promoting blog, products, services and other beneficial things is of course very interesting.   On the net, you can easily promote them with SEO, PPC, banner ads, etc. While on the offline area, you will need to use banners, flags, posters, stickers, etc to support your promotion efforts.  Sadly, sometimes this kind of promotion doesn’t give you a good result. That means, changing the way on our marketing strategy could be the best solution at this moment.  Through what? As of many people used to give a lot of attention on laptop stickers, so I think you can use StickyTwits stickers as your new marketing tool. I realise that this strategy won’t instantly give you a high benefit, but in my opinion, you can make a promotion directly to the targeted audience, depending on what your products or services.

Now, just think again whether you are going to use old marketing strategy or going to use StickyTwits laptop stickers as your new marketing tool.




Along came Twitter, Xing, digg, Facebook, Plurk, Bebo, MySpace, etc etc. Guess who's laughing now!

When we first promoted the idea of using stickers to promote online presence and business, they all thought we were nuts.

Along came Twitter, Xing, digg, Facebook, Plurk, Bebo, MySpace, etc etc. Guess who's laughing now!

The world is truly wired with more and more gadgets becoming wired to the internet and in particular mobile phones and vehicles.  With the release of internet enabled phones, more and more people are now using these devices to engage services and buy products. are placed on laptops, phones, bumpers, and Windows.

Why does it work?  StickyTwits is one of the few things that joins the digital world with the analogue world – now you can be following someone in a car, see their online place, and follow them on-line.

To get StickyTwits to work best, there are three key rules you must follow in using stickers to promote yourself -

1. Your Domain Name Must Be Easy To Remember

2. Make Sure Your Name Is Able To Be Read 2 Car Lengths Away

3. Put Your Sticker Where it is visible